Fake Bake GOLD

Fake Bake GOLD self-tanning gives an even, natural looking tan without any of the harmful effects of the sun.

Full body £26.50
Half body £16.00

Fake Bake GOLD formula contains the best quality and highest percentages of tanning agents. These ingredients combined with a blend of powerful antioxidants take self-tanning to another level.

As well as achieving a golden self-tan, your skin will have the added benefit of antioxidant protection. Fake Bake GOLD contains a colour guide which will provide instant colour whilst the self-tan is developing. Includes body exfoliation.

Using Fake Bake tanning products the body is exfoliated, and moisturised where required. The tan, a dark brown lotion, is then applied to the body, and because of its colour there is no risk of streaking. The tan works with the natural melanin in your skin, only taking you to your natural tan colour, no orange look. You can purchase the Fake Bake products, used for exfoliating and moisturising, at the Treatment Room salon to prolong your tan by using at home. The tan lasts for a good week if aftercare is followed.