Environ @ the Treatment Room

The Treatment Room Calne offers the most technologically advanced skin care with Environ treatments and products. Enabling you to achieve beautiful, healthy skin with our very personalised approach, tailored to your particular concerns.

Address your skin concerns


Reduce the appearance of wrinkles, loss of elasticity, sun damage and dull skin with these electro-sonic DF treatments and effective cool peels

  • Essential Youth Reset
  • Youth Renew Cool Peel
  • Vibrant-C Micro peel
  • Focus-on Eye
  • Focus-on Frown


Target the root cause of pigmentation with effective electro-sonic DF treatments and gentle Cool Peels

  • Essential Radiance Reveal
  • Bright Recovery Cool Peel
  • Vibrant-C Micro peel
  • Focus-on Even Tone


Reveal even clear skin with Environ's Cool Peels and electro-sonic technologies

  • Blemish Control Cool Peel
  • Deep Cleansing Cool Peel
  • Focus-on Texture


Comfort and calm sensitive skin

  • Essential Comfort Calm


Brighten & hydrate dry, dull skin with Environ's scientifically formulated Cool Peels and electro-sonic treatments

  • Essential Moisture Boost
  • Moisture Boost Cool Peel

Orange Peel

Help smooth and hydrate your skin with Environ's specially formulated body sculpting treatment

  • Essential Comfort Calm

Environ's focus is on normalising the skin, repairing any damage and keeping it healthy. Their approach is based on combining science, cutting edge technology and sound skin care principles. The result is a constantly advancing range of products and treatments.

At the Treatment Room we aim to be able to offer you Environ's latest products and treatments as soon as possible by keeping our training up to date. So please take a look at our whole new range of Environ Electro-sonic Essential , Focus-On and Cool Peel treatments and which we recommend for particular concerns.

With so many Environ products and treatments available the exact ones, which are suitable for you depend upon your individual requirements, so we usually commence your Environ experience with a detailed consultation, or you can book a slot at our next Skin Care Analysis Event and have a state-of-the-art Visia Skin Analysis.

Whichever you choose will enable us to clearly understand your concerns and agree realistic goals, so we can advise you on what is best for your particular needs, budget and time constraints. The choice of treatment and products is entirely tailored to your skin and exactly what it needs at a particular time.

So if you have very dry skin, we may suggest an initial Essential Moisture Boost before embarking on a series of Cool Peel treatments. Alternatively, a course of alternating treatments may suit you best, or maybe a change to a Focus-On treatment one week, if this is what your skin needs that particular week.

Simply short of time or budget? Then a 30 minute Focus-On treatment or manual Environ Facial may suit you best.

The main aim being to repair your skin, so you have a protective layer and can keep it healthy. So contact us today and let's get started.