Products and treatments which put skin health first.

Dermalogica's vision is a product line free of common irritants and designed to improve skin health. Similarly, Dermalogica's treatments are tailored to your skin and designed to leave the skin glowing, more luminous, hydrated and in optimum condition.

The Dermalogica range is more than just a skin beauty range. Dermalogica products have been developed to treat any skin care issues, rebalance & improve your skin and help you maintain healthy skin. Most importantly, the particular products and treatments we recommend are specifically for you.

You may have very sensitive skin, very acneic skin or high volume, deep pigmentation. Dermalogica has such a wide range, we can target any of these issues and as your skin improves gradually build-up your product and treatment level. There is a daily skin health range as well as ultra calming for sensitive skin, medibac clearing for acneic skin, age smart to control ageing triggers before they start and to smooth away the signs of skin ageing and even a clear start range for teenagers.

Dermalogica treatments and products are available at the Treatment Room Calne, so why not take a closer look and book a free face mapping today? Plus don't forget we offer a discount on Dermalogica products for clients booking treatments.